Members of Sobienie Królewskie Golf & Country Club and Club Guests with a Handicap Card or a Green Card have the right to play on the golf course.


  1. Each entry to the golf course and the golf academy should be reported at the reception at least 20 minutes before the planned start, including after prior tee-time reservation, both by Club Members and Club Guests.
  1. It is required to have a valid green fee ticket, both by Club Members and Club Guests. The lack of a valid green fee ticket may result in a fine of PLN 1,000.
  1. Players are asked to be at the starting tee at least 10 minutes before their scheduled start time. Failure to appear at the appointed time can result in the loss of opportunity to play the round.
  1. The standard at Sobienie Królewskie Golf & Country Club is to combine players into groups of 4.
  1.    If you have made a tee time reservation, and for any reason you cannot be there, please let us  know. In the event of persistent failures to cancel tee times, the Club reserves the right to financially punish the golfer.


  1. A maximum of 4 players can play in one group. A single player has no priority or privilege on the golf course.
  1. Each golfer is required to have their own golf bag and pitchfork. Marshall has the right to ask to see a pitchfork at any time during the round.


  1. An 18-hole round of golf should last a maximum of 4.5 hours or, in the case of 9 holes, a maximum of 2:15. The scorecard lists the maximum playing times for each hole. If the playing time for the hole is exceeded, the ball MUST be picked up and go to the next hole.

If you notice a problem with the speed of the game – please let us know. We will help !!!

  1. Marshall or other Sobienie Królewskie G&CC Employees has the right to impose a fine of PLN 200 to all those who do not repair divots, pitch marks, or rake bunkers. The entire amount will be allocated to support the junior program in our Club.
  1. Keeping pace of play:
  • Play provisional balls
  • You can search for a ball for max 3 minutes
  • Record the results of a hole on the next tee box, not on the green
  • Always leave golf equipment towards the next hole
  • Try to keep within one shot behind the flight in front of you
  • Follow the “ready golf” rule – whoever is ready to play may do so
  • Remember that slower players are required to let faster pace players or groups having to wait behind them play through
  • Always play from the appropriate tees
  • After a hole is completed, proceed without delay to the next tee box.
  1. Electric Carts – move along paved paths. The maximum rental time is 5.5 hours for 18 holes and 3 hours for 9 holes, and the cart should be returned immediately after the round is completed. A maximum of 2 people can ride in a cart.


  1. Purchasing a Green Fee ticket means that you have read the field regulations and accept the conditions
  2. It is forbidden to:
  • Practice swing damaging the grass
  • Bring dogs
  • Throw cigarette butts on the ground
  • Drive electric golf carts within 20 meters of greens
  • Play more than two balls at the same time on a weekday and more than one ball at the weekend
  • Behave loudly, in particular swearing that disturbs other players
  • Litter on the golf course

A golf course employee has the right to impose a fine of PLN 200 for violating any of the above points.

It is also forbidden to:

  • Play driving range balls on the golf course
  • Play on the golf course without a valid green fee

A golf course employee has the right to impose a fine of PLN 1000 for breaking the above rules

  1. The management has the right to close the golf course due to weather conditions or other reasons deemed necessary
  2. In the case of purchasing a green fee, and the lack of willingness to play a round due to weather conditions (rain, wind), the green fee is not refundable. An exceptional case is a thunderstorm – the player has the right to finish the round at a different, free time.
  3. It is forbidden to walk around the golf course – accompanying persons may enter the course only with the consent of the Marshall or a course employee.
  4. Obvious non-compliance with the rules of the golf course, driving range and 3-hole golf academy may be punishable, at the request of the course Manager, with a ban on entry to the facility.

The golf club is not responsible for bad weather conditions and the inability to play in unfavorable weather conditions.